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Is the led light cover universal for all hinges?

Posted on: December 5th, 2014

The led light hinge makes a bright visual for people, and they easily get what they want from the cabinet , exhibition/show case, storage, shoe box etc.

But sometime, we would like to just take the led light cover, as there is no need to change the hinge completely, it should be a accessory to replace.

That is really a good idea – economical and practical.

So does it (the led light cover) fit all of the hinges?


1. Universal for most of the full overlay hinges.

There is a hole space we can push or drag to adjust the distance, so that it can touch the switch off when the cup is closed.

led hinge -1



2. Fit some of half overlay and insert type hinge

Due to the bending angle, sometime the distance of the switch arm cannot touch the cup, it will doesn’t work at this time.

Hope this will be helpful for your choice.

LED light  cabinet hinge